Distributor / Reseller Support

Concrete Coatings, Inc. is dedicated to sales support and customer service as part of our commitment to you, our Distributor/Reseller.

Please call our Inside Sales Group at 800-443-2871 or contact your Sales Representative directly. Our training representatives will arrange on-site demonstrations at distributor/reseller locations. Please contact Concrete Coatings, Inc. customer service at the number listed above to inquire about training opportunities.Concrete Coatings, Inc. also offers basic and advanced training at our headquarters and satellite locations for each of our product systems.

We work hard to ensure you pay the least possible amount for shipping with the connections we have in the shipping industry. Our manufacturing capabilities insure product delivery of any size, large or small.

There are multiple contact options when it comes to technical support questions at Concrete Coatings, Inc. You may call our manufacturing headquarters at (800) 443-2871 and speak with technical support or customer service for a specialist knowledgeable in our product line.

Support aids and samples are helpful in the movement of Concrete Coatings, Inc. products, therefore we offer the following:

* Indoor/Outdoor Distributor Banners
* T-Shirts and Hats
* Distributor Binders (Includes all sales sheets and technical information)
* Finished VIVID™ Acid Stain, Shield™ Epoxy and Spray-Tek™ Acrylic Overlay sample chips.
* Liquid VIVID™ Acid Stain bottles (4oz.)
*VIVID™ Acid Stain POP Displays
* Vinyl Vehicle Decals with Concrete Coatings, Inc. Logo
*Finished Product Wall Samples

Are you interested in becoming a distributor/reseller of Concrete Coatings, Inc. products? If so, please submit your information below or feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-443-2871.


Quality standards and exacting specifications can be found in Concrete Coatings products, available throughout the country in concrete supply stores, call us and we will let you know of one near you.

Start with the very best products, support, and training!

Call our office Toll-Free: 1.800.443.2871 with any technical questions. We are here to help guide the use of our product line.



"The guys at Concrete Coatings have actual concrete experience, just like you and me. When I visited their headquarters office, I found that all their staff had hands-on experience in decorative concrete. Their manufacturing plant is very clean, well-organized, and I felt at home with everyone I met.”
Tom Sorenson, Owner-CA

Where can Concrete Coatings, Inc. products be applied? Here are a few...

  • Pool Decks

  • Driveways / Walkways

  • Countertops

  • Warehouse / Manufacturing

  • Garage Flooring

  • Interior Floors

  • Restrooms

  • Restaurants & More