Grouts and Mortars - Fast-Patch™

Fast-Patch™ Rapid Setting Mortar

A fast-setting mortar


Fast-Patch™ can be applied from feather edge to 12” or more (with the addition of pea gravel.) Cures in less than an hour and can be driven on in less than 24 hours. At a cured rate of twice the strength of standard concrete (approx. 7,000 psi,) Fast-Patch™ is repair mortar for everything from a small chip to a large pothole.

Packaging: 50 lb bag – 54 bags per pallet
Coverage: 25 square feet at 1/4”


CSI Substitution Form 13A

Fast-Patch™ is often used to patch areas of concrete that need thicker repair. After such repairs have been made, it is usually followed by use of G-100 Professional Series Grout Mix™, Micro-Topping or Stamp-Tek™ Stampable Overlay.

Fast-Patch™ rapid setting mortar is complemented by Concrete Coatings, Inc. quality finishing aides including SuperSeal™, SuperGlaze™, GemKote™, ProSeal™ and UV Shield™.

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