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Micro-Tek™ Micro-Toppings

An overlay with a fine consistency


Concrete Coatings, Inc. Micro-Tek™ Micro-Toppings are commonly used on countertops or floors where an acid stain is desired, when the concrete itself is too abused to allow for a pristine surface. Rough Grade is available in natural, while Smooth Grade is available in white and gray. They are forgiving and easy to apply. Concrete Coatings, Inc. Micro-Tek™ Micro-Toppings require rough grade (RG) as a base coat and smooth grade (SG) as a top coat. These Micro-Toppings have just the right addition of polymer in the mix for their application – Just add water. A separate polymer is not required.

Packaging: Rough Grade (RG) 50 lb bag – 56 bags per pallet
Smooth Grade (SG) 40 lb bag – 56 bags per pallet
Coverage: Coverage: 200-400 square feet per bag

TDS (Smooth Grade)
(Rough Grade)
(Smooth Grade)
(Rough Grade)

Guide Specification

CSI Substitution Form 13A

A quick trowel application of a Micro-Tek™ Micro-Topping creates a surface perfectly suitable for VIVID™ Acid Stain or QuickDye™. C-Series Liquid Colorants may also be mixed with micro-topping for a more solid color. GraniteLook™ is also used in conjunction with Micro-Tek™ Micro-Toppings.

Micro-Tek™ Micro-Topping is complemented by Concrete Coatings, Inc. quality finishing aides including SuperSeal™, SuperGlaze™, GemKote™, ProSeal™, UV Shield™ and DuraWax™.

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