Business Opportunities with Concrete Coatings

Learn how to start an exciting and profitable company!

Concrete Coatings, Inc. products are manufactured to be durable and easy to use. Most products can be used in conjunction with one another, which allows an installer of our products to be extra marketable and gain higher profits. We strive to provide the most cost-effective solutions while keeping the highest standard of products.

At Concrete Coatings, Inc. we have over 50 years of collective experience in the coatings industry. When our affiliates are taken into consideration, we have over 200 years of experience. This knowledge provides us with the most up-to-date and current methods and requirements.

Concrete Coatings, Inc., sets trends - we do not follow them. As a manufacturer and former contractors, we have experience and knowledge. This means that you get not only the best products you can buy, from a product line assembled from years in the field, but the value of our experience to sell, install and service these products as well. We are confident that you will be excited with the business and income potential that we have to offer you.

People we have trained to start a decorative concrete business come from all backgrounds including teachers, computer technicians, restaurant owners and cooks to name a few. Concrete experience is not required to learn how to apply our products. Our comprehensive training will teach you everything you need to know about the basics of how to apply some of our most popular products as well as how to market yourself and sell them.

While at training, you will have the opportunity to buy material and tools to get up and running. We have packages with everything you will need already put together for you or you can let us know what you would like to purchase based on your needs. Once you return home, there are a number of options available for purchasing material. Concrete Coatings, Inc. has a growing distributor network across the country who carry our products. Products may be purchased locally from these locations for your convenience. If there is not a supply store set up where you reside, you will have the opportunity to continue to buy from Concrete Coatings, Inc. until one has been established.

If you know of a supply store near you in which you would like to purchase products, contact us and we will contact them for you.

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