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For more than a decade, the decorative concrete industry has been on a steady path of growth. At Concrete Coatings, Inc., we have been training individuals like you for 20 years. Concrete experience is not required to learn how to apply our products.

Our comprehensive training will teach you everything you need to know about the basics of how to apply some of our most popular products as well as how to market yourself and sell them.

From training to startup packages to ongoing support, Concrete Coatings, Inc. business opportunities is a great choices for your new career or to expand your company's offerings.

We have packages with everything you will need already put together for you or you can let us know what you would like to purchase based on your needs.

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We are beginning our fourth year as a concrete coatings company. My sons and I started small and today we are operating 2 crews and staying very busy. Concrete Coatings Inc products have enabled us to provide our customers with solutions to their concrete needs. Concrete Coatings Inc has guided, trained and supported us from a company doing $50,000 worth of business the first year, to $250,000 this year. We are extremely satisfied with the product but most importantly the integrity in which they conduct business.


Where can Concrete Coatings, Inc. products be applied?

There are almost an unlimited number of ways to apply decorative concrete—how will you make your mark on this fun and profitable industry?

For more examples, visit our Design Lab and Project Gallery

Training & Ongoing Support

After you attend training at our on-site facility, there are a number of options available for purchasing material. Concrete Coatings, Inc. has a growing distributor network across the country who carry our products. Products may be purchased locally from these locations for your convenience. If there is not a supply store set up where you reside, you will have the opportunity to continue to buy direct from Concrete Coatings, Inc. until one has been established.


Start with the very best products, support, and training!

Headquarters Training

Come to one of our two-day hands-on class designed to expose you to multiple techniques of applying Concrete Coatings' main systems and product lines. At the end of training, you will be able to understand the various processes and when to use each. 

  • Location: 1105 North 1600 West Layton, Utah 84041
  • Cost: $500 for up to 2 people, $200 per person thereafter.
  • Products Trained On:
    • Spray-Tek™ Acrylic Overlay
    • VIVID™ Acid Stain
    • Micro-Tek™ Micro-Topping
    • Living Earth™ Water-based Stain
    • Shield™ Epoxy
  • Contact: Cory Christensen at 800.443.2871 Ext. 101

Technical Support

With over 20 years of experience in the field ourselves, we have the know-how to answer your questions. 

Technical support is a valuable part of what we offer. We are here to walk you through or answer questions that may come up on the job. When you need help after hours, our technical support staff can be reached via cell, if not, they will return your call as soon as possible. We know all work does not take place between bankers' hours.

Marketing & Sales Support

Marketing yourself and your Concrete Coatings, Inc. coatings business is crucial to making your business run. During our training coarse, we give numerous ideas of how our contractors are advertising, where they are making contacts, and how they are working to create successful businesses. The contractors who do the best are not afraid to get out there and meet homeowners, business owners, developers, real estate agents, general contractors, etc. and show them the advantages of Concrete Coatings, Inc.

We are dedicated to helping our customers any way we can. Your success is ours at Concrete Coatings, Inc. We offer many different tools to help with your marketing, including the following:

  • Yard signs - Includes your company name and number. Use these to advertise your business when you are on the job.
  • Spray-Tek™ Acrylic sample chips - Includes actual color samples bound together to show your customers the wide array of colors available to them.
  • Spray-Tek™ Overlay brochure - Includes pictures with different applications and designs to give customers an idea of the kind of work you can perform.
  • VIVID™ Acid Stain brochure - Includes pictures of how beautiful VIVID™ Acid Stains can be.
  • Shield ™Epoxy brochure - Gives customers an idea of all the different types of Shield™ Epoxy styles.
  • Direct Mail Post Cards - Our independent mail company can send them out to specific zip codes, income levels etc. You can also send them out directly if you would like.
  • Mailer service - Independent company that researches zip codes, income levels, etc. 


Business Opportunity Reviews

5 Star ReviewExcellent Stain – I’ve used a number of different acid based concrete stains- Schofield, Kemiko, etc- and this performs just as well. Color and penetration were excellent. Would definitely recommend.

Terry H.

5 Star ReviewThis is by far the best stain I’ve used. The walnut color is gorgeous! Excellent customer service as well.

Kelly O.

5 Star ReviewFountains and a concrete pad for over two years with beautiful and lasting results – I’ve used this stain on big concrete planters, fountains and a concrete pad for over two years with beautiful and lasting results. Easy to use and gives professional look.

Timothy R.

5 Star ReviewGreat Product, used it on an Outdoor Patio – Came out great. Product leaves a nice color. Has been raining for 3 days straight since I stained and have not had a chance to seal it yet but seems to be holding color perfectly.

Do take note, I made my concrete have a “rock” design to it by adding features that made it look like stone, but also allowed the stain to sit there as it dried. Awesome for effect, you just have to be sure to scrub out any residue in any low areas as it will pool and shop-vac it out right away or it will just settle again.


5 Star ReviewGreat Product – Worked great and was easy to use. Applied to newer concrete-3 months old. I sprayed 2 coats but it colored so beautifully with the first application that I could have stopped after the first coat. Shipped quickly and was well packaged. There was a little spillage from the container, but It was sealed into a plastic bag so it wasn’t a problem. I will be purchasing this product again for our outside patio.


5 Star ReviewPerfect Outdoor Chessboard – Deep rich brown created from cheap gray 16″ square concrete pavers. I used this and the green one to make a chess board in my back yard. Oddly enough, large square pavers come in gray only—or a red with a brick pattern. So I couldn’t find 2 colors with the same plain look, and I’m glad I couldn’t because staining the plain gray concrete created a unique look that you would not be able to purchase even through special order. Plain gray concrete looks as cheap as it sounds, but now I’ve got a jade-walnut chessboard that cost me less than $4 per piece to make, including the stain.

Easy to use, and if you use zero water to wet the pavers before applying acid, you get a bubbling, hissing pool of acid, which of course is a bonus.

(wetting the surface first will create a more uniform color and will stretch the amount of coverage).


5 Star ReviewGreat stain, be liberal with application – This product worked very well and I really like the color. It did turn out a little more on the tan side in lighter applied areas, but ended up overall looking very nice.

As a first time acid stainer I learned a number of things. Prep is very important, take the time to do it right. Most importantly, is to make sure you are getting complete coverage when you are spraying the acid. You will note that there is some foaming immediately on contact which goes away quickly. This appears to be the time when the majority of the color transition takes place. As you brush in the liquid it still colors the concrete however not as deep as where the direct spray contact is made. I needed to be more generous with the initial spraying to make sure I had complete coverage. As a result, the appearance is a bit mottled and splotchy. Even with the incomplete coverage the floor looks significantly better than the bare concrete. Fortunately, I picked a room I built in my pole barn for my first try, but will be doing my basement and porch shortly.


5 Star ReviewThe floor turned out great! It took two coats of the acid stain to get the color we wanted and we love it. It’s hard to judge the true color of it until after it dries and you put a clear coat over it. The prep work is the hardest part but once you have a clean floor the application is easy. We used it in our basement pool-room and it took about 3 gallons to cover approx. 700 sq ft.


5 Star ReviewBought 2 gallons, only needed 1. I’m sure if I used the 2nd that it would have gotten darker but being that it’s outside in the sun, I didn’t want it darker. I LOVE the finished effect. Was scared when after I applied it, it turned neon orange, but after awhile it changed. PS if you do it in the sun it will turn quick!!!!!


5 Star ReviewGreat customer service by the actual manufacturer of the acid (not the seller). I called and spoke with the same person twice who gave me some great tips and ideas on how to get the best results. Be careful on how log you leave the stain on. We did a few test areas and when left on overnight the concreted turned almost black. At 1 hour my concrete reached a deep brown color. Not sure why but I’m happy with remote. Onto the sealer 2000!

MJ Smith

Start Up Questions

Business Opportunities

Absolutely not! At Concrete Coatings, Inc., we are firm believers in success through training. All of our materials are very user friendly and easy to install. At our two day training we have you work with the materials and answer your questions along the way. The majority of our contractors have no experience or training in construction, and are very successful. They come from all walks of life: helicopter pilots, machinists, teachers, computer programmers and more.

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After the initial training, we have multiple options for you to get the information and instruction you need. Here's a list of just a few:

  • 'Round the clock experienced technical support access through a toll-free number. (24/7 support is provided from a seasoned professional.) All of our technical support personnel have field experience, not just the right answer from a manual.
  • Periodic trainings on new and existing products and techniques.
  • On-site assistance as required (Fee based)

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Most Concrete Coatings, Inc. contractors start out with two or more people: themselves and another person. We maintain the philosophy of "baby steps" and urge you to grow as your business and demand requires it, and is safe and manageable by your standards. In some cases this is a matter of months; for others it may be a year or two, depending on their wishes. Although the process may seem complicated, it rarely is. Two trained people can be far more productive than just simply more bodies. After your initial start-up, we will train as many employees as you need for $99 per person.

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This is a difficult question, because not all job sizes are reported to us, but the residential national average would range from 400 - 800 square feet. Installations of several thousand square feet are not uncommon, especially on commercial / industrial jobs.

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A job of 400 - 800 square feet with minimal preparation and reasonable pattern etc. would take a team of 2 people of average experience1 ½ - 2 days to complete. This would apply to most any system: Spray-Tek™ Acrylic System, VIVID™ Acid Stain, and Shield™ Epoxy. Many factors play in to this, of course, including distance, preparation, and accessibility, but this may serve as an average for most jobs for consideration.

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Dry times depend on factors such as temperature and humidity. Normally, our skim coat will dry in less than one hour. The spray coat dries more quickly and can usually withstand foot traffic in less than one hour; however, it is still tender so caution is advised until it is sealed. Once applied, this will allow the customer's foot traffic within a couple of hours, however 24 hours is recommended. The Spray- Tek™ Acrylic Overlay products are designed to dry as quickly as possible to help you move from job to job as quickly as possible.

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Every situation presents a different need. That need may be purely visual, but the need is unique just the same. We have multiple product lines because our contractors can bid on anything from a small front porch repair, to a restaurant that wants an acid stain in front and flake epoxies in the kitchen, to the warehouse that has multiple demands ranging from colder temperatures to strong chemicals. Multiple product lines make you impossible to ignore, and make you far more versatile than just a person that can resurface a pool deck or patio.

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Concrete Coatings, Inc. provides you with a proven marketing plan during your initial training. This plan is designed to help you target the customers in your area that are most likely to need your services. You will be provided with a thorough understanding of how our plan works, as well as all of its tools, such as:

  • A Direct Mail Program to jump-start your business
  • Brochures for retail prospects
  • Yard signs for referral customers

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Although this depends a lot on the skills and largely on the motivation of the particular contractor, Concrete Coatings, Inc. prides itself on the way it establishes its contractors. Your entire start-up investment is secured with stocking inventory; in other words, you get tools or materials for your money. This means that as a contractor, you do not have to be concerned with fees such as franchise fees, royalties and advertising fees, etc. Concrete Coatings, Inc. contractors who implement the marketing plan we provide, use our sales process and install even one job per week can have a positive cash flow position within 60-90 days.

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As an independent contractor, you have exclusive access to our factory certification program. Due in part to repeated requests from our contractors, Concrete Coatings, Inc. products are marketed to existing concrete distributors nationwide. We know that making products available to you locally will save you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in shipping.

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It does mean that Concrete Coatings, Inc. products will be available in concrete supply stores. However, most contractors have not had any training or exposure to concrete overlays. With our certification and your personal commitment to constant improvement, you will place yourself at the forefront of the market while offering a service only you as a professional can provide.

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Although a trailer or panel truck is highly advisable from both a functional and advertising standpoint, how you get started is largely a question of budget and ability. However, a trailer or some means of transporting and storing the equipment should be one of your first expenses after getting started. A small 6' X 12' locking trailer is sufficient for most installations. This is great protection for your tools. Here again we recommend "baby steps” and advise you to grow as you can afford and need to.

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Concrete Coatings Inc. offers a full line of both indoor and outdoor applications, with multiple techniques for all of them. In addition, we provide advertising tools to help our contractors who have inclement weather during certain parts of the year begin to install the product inside the customer's home in areas such as lobbies, dinning rooms, commercial areas and garages. Multiple products means more chances of securing work, regardless of weather conditions. Most contractors manage to keep busy year round.

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Absolutely! The Concrete Coatings, Inc. system allows you the flexibility to begin your business at the level you find most comfortable for your life. Many people begin part-time, and eventually work up to full-time. We also have many contractors who have always been, and will always be, part-time. The choice is yours! However, don't be surprised if you originally plan on being part-time, but find that you want or need to go full-time because the demand is so great!

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