Concrete Coatings, Inc. Celebrates its 15th Year Anniversary

Concrete Coatings, Inc. continues to grow as a family owned company.  The company goal has always been to manufacture quality products while providing the best possible service and treating customers like they are part of the family.  "We have all been in situations where we have felt we have not been treated great," said Brandon Gutierrez, Director of Marketing at Concrete Coatings, Inc, "our goal is to treat our customers with the respect they deserve."

Concrete Coatings, Inc. products can be purchased across the country through multiple means.  To find out where products may be purchased, call customer service at 800.443.2871 or fill out our contact form.  If you are interested in training on Concrete Coatings, Inc. products please view our training page.


The Concrete Coatings, Inc. Family