How long after the final coat until I can walk on Shield™ Epoxy?

You may walk on your new epoxy floor 24 hours after the final application. You may begin moving in equipment or utilizing vehicular traffic no sooner than 72 hours. It takes seven days for epoxy to fully cure.

How long after applying the Shield™ Epoxy should I broadcast quartz or flake?

All broadcasting should be done within 45 minutes.

How long until I can get back on Shield™ Epoxy to do additional coats?

All epoxies have a finite window of opportunity to apply additional coats. Any additional material must be applied within 12-24 hours of the last application. Spike shoes are recommended. If this is not possible, the floor must be sanded and deglossed prior to any application of new material.

Is your Shield™ Epoxy self leveling?

No. However, when applied properly you will achieve a nice even application.

What is the preferred method of application for Shield™ Epoxy?

We recommend all epoxies are applied with a squeegee in one direction and then back-rolled 90° to eliminate lines and to ensure an even coat.

Are custom color options available for Shield™ Epoxy?

Custom colors may be ordered. There is a 50 gallon minimum and a two week lead time required for processing.

How many colors are available for Shield™ Epoxy?

Concrete Coatings, Inc., offers five standard pigment colors, six flake blends and six quartz sand blends.

Epoxy Flakes, Quartz and Pigment Colors


What is the coverage of Shield™ Epoxy?

The average coverage is 100-200 sq. ft. depending on substrate or desired texture. For example: coverage will be less over flake and quartz than it will be when going over pigmented epoxy.

Is Shield™ Epoxy UV stable?

No epoxies are UV stable and all must be used indoors. However, our UV Shield epoxy is extremely UV resistant and is a wonderful top coat for an epoxy floor, acid stain or interior countertop. UV shield may also be pigmented using one of our five standard pigment colors.

What is the proper mix ratio for Shield™ Epoxy?

All flooring epoxies are 2:1 A:B