Can the EZ-Wax™ be applied to an epoxy or urethane?

EZ-Wax™ works well with all of Concrete Coatings, Inc sealers. However, when applying it to a urethane or epoxy the first coat must be applied within 24 hours of the final application to ensure proper adhesion.

Is EZ-Wax™ UV stable?

EZ-Wax™ is completely UV stable. If applied outside consideration must be taken so as not to create a slip hazard.

How often do I need to strip EZ-Wax™?

EZ-Wax™ may be applied up to 100 times before stripping is necessary.

What is the coverage of a EZ-Wax™ container?

1,000-3,000 sq. ft.

How do I apply the EZ-Wax™?

We recommend the use of a lamb’s wool or terry cloth floor applicator.