May I use QuickDye™ when polishing concrete?

Concrete Coatings, Inc. recommends applying dye upon completion of your 400-grit pass. A second application of dye may be applied after the 800-grit pass to maintain and intensify color.

Does QuickDye™ require cleaning prior to the sealer application?

Cleaning is essential to ensure proper adhesion of sealers. We recommend the use of an auto-scrubber or white pad on a buffer to remove excess dye residue.

What is the benefit of the penetrating agent when using QuickDye™?

The penetrating agent allows for better penetration and adhesion of the dye, increasing color performance and mottling.

When should I use the penetrating agent with QuickDye™?

The penetrating agent should be added in most instances, especially very tight, power-troweled or polished surfaces.

What coverage should I expect while using QuickDye?

QuickDye™ will yield 200-400 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on various factors including concrete porosity and finish.