Prep for success by Concrete Contractor Magagzine

Surface prep is the key to successful installation of decorative concrete products.  Many articles have been written on the subject.  Please read the linked article from Concrete Contractor Magazine, citing our very own Brian Anderson on surface preparation.  View Article… Read more

CR-FAST Crack Repair and Void Filler Featured in Concrete Construction

CR-FAST fast-setting crack repair and void filler is a great option to use when getting on and off the job is a high priority.  This product may be ground after 30 minutes.  Read about us on Concrete  View Article… Read more

ProSeal18 from Concrete Coatings, Inc. is a sealer that aids in the curing process of freshly placed concrete.

Concrete Coatings, Inc. manufactures ProSeal 18, a sealer that aids the curing process of freshly placed concrete. ProSeal 18 contains the same resins as SuperSeal and GemKote, allowing complete compatibility with these finish sealers. Read our article on Concrete for more information.… Read more

Stenciled concrete combined with VIVID Acid Stain and SuperSeal 2000 makes for a winning combination.

A hand-applied coat of Concrete Coatings, Inc. VIVID Acid Stain gives a logo a crisp, clean look that catches the eye.  Combining stencils and VIVID Acid Stain helped set the vacation home of a construction company's owner apart.  View the article written about contractor Strain Construction on Concrete  View Article… Read more

VIVID Acid Stain Used to Create a Variegated Appearance on Concrete Substrates

VIVID Acid Stain can be used to create and aged mottled look. VIVID Acid Stain may be used with QuickDye or on its own.  Depending on the finish desired, SuperSeal, SuperGlaze and Shield Epoxy may be used to seal this product.  DuraWax is also often used as a sacrificial coat to keep the surface looking new. Read the… Read more