EZ-Prep™ is used to etch, clean, degrease and remove rust from concrete. Use 10:1 prior to acid staining. Use 5:1 prior to resealing and use undiluted to etch concrete prior to placing an overlay or to remove heavy stains. Light, clean odor; non-reactive to skin and steel.


EZ-Clean™ is used as a neutralizer and light cleaner. Use after staining to neutralize and remove residue. EZ-Clean™ can also be used any other time a light cleaner is needed. Available in concentrate and ready-to-use formulas. Strong enough to neutralize, easy enough to clean.

Efflorescence Remover

Concrete Coatings, Inc. Efflorescence Remover is a biodegradable concrete cleaner. This product removes cement-scale and excess antique release. Other common areas to use Concrete Efflorescence and Antique Release Remover include exposed aggregate, porous brick, natural and manufactured stone. It may be applied with a brush or a sprayer.