Perfect "Wet Look" sealer for my basement acid stained concrete floor (EXTREME SMELL)

5 Star ReviewPerfect "Wet Look" sealer for my basement acid stained concrete floor (EXTREME SMELL) - I LOVE the way this stuff made my acid stained concrete floor look. Wow, what a difference! I love the true "Wet Look." It is getting more and more difficult to find a truly good "Wet Look" sealer because of the laws restricting certain solvent based sealers. I've used Eagle Sealer EGCC5 Clear Gloss Coat (worked really good for me on my outside porch and patio), but could no longer get it in my state. Ordered SuperSeal 2000 and it is every bit as good. I used 2 gallons to cover 600 sqft basement floor with 2 coats, with a tiny bit left over. Love the look!

However, THIS STUFF SMELLS! I had a respirator on, several windows open, and made the rest of my family leave the house for hours during and after the application. Smell was extremely strong for about 4-6 hours after first application. Smell was not as strong with 2nd coat (maybe I was more used to it?) I could smell it for about 3 days afterwards, with every day the smell being less and less. I know this product is not "ideal" for indoor use, by my options were limited for a true "Wet Look." Would definitely recommend this product, just plan the application around a time when you can leave the house for 4-6 hours to let it air out. Then just deal with the slight smell for another 3-4 days.

UPDATE** March 29 2016 - Its only been a few weeks, but I'm starting to see some clouding appear on our concrete floor. I know this could be a factor of not removing the stain well enough before applying the sealer, but I did mop the floor for days and days. We also have a floor wax over the seal that was extremely shiny to begin with. The floor wax is starting to dull as well. Makes me nervous we didn't clean it well enough before sealing it. Still love the floor, but am grateful for the 2 large rugs that cover the worst of the clouding.