I am the project manager at a high end residential landscape design, build company.

I am the project manager at a high end residential landscape design, build company. We do all of our installations in house; utilities, irrigation, masonry walls and floors, and plantings. We never thought about using concrete staining and resurfacing in our designs because we always had to find a contractor to do the work. We lost a lot of opportunities to renovate landscapes because we would normally cover outdated concrete with expensive stone veneers. In July 2010, one of my employees and I attended a basic Concrete Coatings training class in Atlanta, because we were shocked about the price we were given for a large, new acid stain installation. We had never done any of this kind of work before, but knew we were capable with the right training. The training class was very informative and hands on, which makes the steps easier to repeat at home because we had actually done them ourselves in the class.

Five weeks after our class we stained over 3,000 ft² of concrete, the main focal point of a $200,000 job, as our first try at acid staining. I called our instructor, Brian, at least two times a day while we did our first install. He was always happy to answer my questions, and even remembered my name. With Concrete Coatings continued support our first staining job was a complete success.

In the last seven months we have installed four other concrete staining jobs, and broadened the Concrete Coatings materials we have used. It seems they have a specialized product for just about any application, and are happy to discuss the pros and cons of their products in client specific applications.
Our ability to install Concrete Coatings products has greatly increased the variety we can offer our clients, and opened the door to new business opportunities."

Greg GriffisProject ManagerThe Collins Group, Inc.Pendleton, SC