Stamp-Tek™ Liquid Release

Concrete Coatings, Inc. Stamp-Tek™ Liquid Release has a unique blend of ingredients to provide a colorless barrier that eliminates concrete build-up on mats and texture tools when stamping. Stamp-Tek™ Liquid Release evaporates, leaving no residue of any kind. Looks, feels and smells like the reliable bubble gum standby, but the difference will be obvious to the trained professional.

Duraset™ V.A.E.

Concrete Coatings, Inc. DuraSet™ VAE is a 100% Vinyl Acetate Resin designed specifically as a primer for Stamp-Tek™ Stampable Overlay. VAE resins are a time tested technology and are best known for their adhesion and performance when thicknesses exceeds 1/4”. As a VAE, it is capable of being re-emulsified only one time, allowing subsequent applications to adhere well, yet eventually forming a tough, durable and long-lasting binder or film.



Stamp-Tek™ Stampable Overlay

Concrete Coatings, Inc. Stamp-Tek™ Stampable Overlay is a dry polymer mix that creates the look of newly-stamped concrete over existing concrete surfaces. These overlays come in natural gray and work with color hardeners, powdered or liquid releases and acid stains. Stamp-Tek™ Stampable Overlay polymers are already in the mix, so there’s never a question of mixing integrity- just add water. DuraSet™ VAE resin is required as a primer/bonder for this product.