GraniteLook™ Kits Available


In an effort to help contractors and home-owners reduce costs associated with the GraniteLook™ Faux Granite system, we have introduced our new GraniteLook™ Kit.

Each kit includes enough material to resurface 60 square feet of countertops or floors. The kits include 7 C-Series Liquid Colorants, which can be used in an almost limitless combination to achieve various effects, including light and dark granite.

To learn more about the GraniteLook™ System and the GraniteLook™Kit, visit the GraniteLook™ page.

New & Improved Paper Stencils Now Available

Concrete Coatings, Inc. is pleased to announce the paper stencils we offer are new and improved!  The paper is now thicker and may often be sprayed three to four times on the same job. These stencils now lay flatter and com in 24 field patterns, 7 headers and 8 accent pieces.  Typically these stencils are used with the Spray-Tek Overlay System.

Concrete Coatings, Inc. has manufactured 600, 400, 350 and 100 VOC Sealers for years.

Concrete Coatings, Inc. has manufactured SuperSeal 2000 600 VOC, GemKote 400 VOC, GemKote VOC and GemKote 100 VOC sealer for years!  Our sealer is manufactured fresh when it is purchased and we are not experiencing disruptions which can hold jobs up, costing you money.  To find out more about these high quality sealers, visit their product pages or give us a call at 800.443.2871 and speak with a customer service representative.

EZ-Wax Guide Specification now available

QuickDye™ is a solvent-based powder dye that gives a mottled-aged and antiqued look to interior applications.