DuraSet™ 1001 FastSet™

DuraSet™ 1001 FastSet™

Fast Drying Modified Acrylic Resin

Concrete Coatings, Inc. DuraSet™ 1001-FastSet™ is an all-acrylic resin designed specifically for binding of cementitious materials, including overlays, mortars, and grouts. DuraSet™ 1001-FastSet™ is comprised entirely of high quality resins which, when combined, are easy to apply. DuraSet™ 1001-FastSet™ is a faster-setting formula for cooler days, when the temperature drops to 60° or below. DuraSet™ 1001-FastSet™ may be combined with DuraSet™ 1000 to accelerate cure times.

Additional Information

DuraSet™ 1001-FastSet™ is most commonly mixed with G-100 Pro-Series Grout Mix™ as part of the Spray-Tek™ Overlay System. It is also commonly used as a primer for the Spray-Tek™ Overlay System.


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