SuperGlaze™ WBU

SuperGlaze™ WBU

Single or Dual Component

Concrete Coatings, Inc. SuperGlaze™ WBU can be used as a single-component water-based urethane for greater durability on non-vehicular applications. This sealer has low VOC content and quick drying properties with low odor. SuperGlaze™ WBU requires a primer prior to application. SuperSeal™ 20WB, Shield 50™ or UV Shield™ may be used as a primer.

Please check local regulations for VOC requirements.

• Excellent Working Time
• Excellent Moisture Resistance
• Single Component
• Quick Drying

Additional Information

concretecoatings-suberglaze-q43For added strength and durability use SuperGlaze™ WBU with Q43 Cross-linker.

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