Living Earth™ Water-Based Stains

Living Earth™ Water-Based Stains

Available in 15 Colors

Living Earth Water-Based Stain is a safe, zero VOC, UV stable, water-based penetrating concrete stain. Boring, lifeless concrete can be transformed into a multi-colored, antiqued, variegated surface. Typical applications for Living Earth are cement-based floors, walls, ceilings, countertops, wall panels, and other architectural elements such as bare concrete or our G-100, Stamp-Tek, and Micro-Tek products, in both residential and commercial settings. When combining the 15 colors with varying dilution rates, a nearly limitless palate may be created.

  • Virtually Endless Colors
  • East to Apply and Maintain
  • Fast Turn-Around
  • Cost Efficient

The colors produced using Living Earth™ Water-Based Stain will rely heavily on skill, practice and experimentation. Each concrete slab will react differently. Application methods and age and porosity of the concrete will result in different tones or hues and, in the case of very old or porous concrete, the stain may have little or no reaction.

Test sections should be done to verify suitability and appearance prior to application. When using multiple bottles of stain of the same color, batch (mix) bottles of stain together.

Additional Information

Packaging: 1-gallon jug, 4oz sample bottles available in 12 packs of 1 color or packs of all 15 colors.

Coverage: 200-300 square feet per gallon.

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