Slip Grip™

Slip Grip™

SlipGrip™ is a micronized powder designed to provide slip resistant properties to solvent-based acrylic sealers, specifically SuperSeal™ 2000, 400, 350, 100, GemKote™ 400, 350, and 100 and PS-18™ 600, 400 and 100.

Add 1 lb. container to a five-gallon bucket of sealer of your choosing or measure and weigh off 3 oz. per gallon for added traction on any floor. SlipGrip is often applied to an initial sealer coat. However, if additional traction is desired, SlipGrip may be added to additional coats. Remember to mix sealer frequently during application to maintain a consistent coating with the additive.

Refer to the TDS for complete mixing and application instructions.

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